These services are meant to get your to-do list done and make sure that you're never overwhelmed by admin tasks again.

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Social Media

Does your social media take three times longer than you want it to? Are you consistently calling in the right clients? If your answer is anything other than "Yes!" this service is meant for you.

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Need advice on who your ideal client is? What apps or systems you should use? The best way to curb your procrastination and take control of your schedule? These services are "pick-my-brain" style.

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Are you overwhelmed?

Look at your to do list (did you have a little panic attack??)... I know that you have a special section of that list that is "saved for later." You know, that time that you'll have nothing else to do so you'll FINALLY get to the things you've been putting off. Meanwhile, you'll stress about what you haven't done yet while you are trying to get other things done.

If you can't focus on one thing, you'll focus on nothing.

Insert, me (hi!). The task mastering aficionado who gets nerdy over the small business stuff. I am a remote assistant who provides administrative, creative, or technical support services for online as well as brick and mortar business owners.



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